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Deborah Picou

Is it time to start living your life as you were meant to?  Fully alive with purpose, passion & peak health?  If so, read on!

What we do

Deborah is a Certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner and Emotion Code Practitioner.  She has studied The Body Code and is adept as an Animal Whisperer as well as a student of Kundalini Meditation and Yoga Teacher.  She is currently working on her PhD in Natural Medicine as well as her certification as a Medical Intuitive.  She uses these modalities to guide her clients to heal themselves, discover their life’s purpose, answer their important questions, make significant life changes, release trapped emotions; thereby finding peace and fulfillment within themselves.  Deborah was fortunate to grow up in the company of horses and dogs which awakened in her an innate ability to communicate brilliantly with animals.  She also utilizes the natural healing energies that emanate from her right hand to assist people and animals in their efforts to improve their health.  Deborah spontaneously channels messages from above when her clients are searching for guidance.  Many of us have the desire to be a blessing to the world with the hope of making it a better place.  Deborah’s mission is to help by elevating consciousness through a lifestyle of awareness, empowerment, peace, love and compassion.  By doing so, we discover our power and purpose.  We tune into our truth where we find an endless well of discipline, clarity and grace.  And through all this, we discover and reclaim our good health!

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon over a period of some 45 years.  Her technique differs from traditional hypnosis in that with QHHT the clients are brought to the deep Somnambulistic state of trance.   It is in this state, utilizing the theta brain waves that the clients have the ability to visit their past lives, answer their important life changing questions, heal themselves and rewrite the guiding tenets in their subconscious.  To be clear the Somnambulistic state is a perfectly natural state that we briefly enter generally twice per day.  We do this as we doze off to sleep and just before awakening.  Our Subconscious or Higher Self is a boundless resource for us, as with it we can answer any question since we have direct access to all the information that exists.  Brilliant!  Period!  Regarding self-healing, what is to be understood is that we first seek to understand the root cause of the problem. Then we ask for a healing.  If it is appropriate for the client, the healing is done.  It is imperative to note, that this ability to heal oneself does not in any way give clients a free pass to neglect or abuse their bodies.  If the clients are disrespecting their bodies and thereby harming themselves, it would be considered inappropriate to expect the healing.  Similarly, there are times when clients are given the requested healing but are cautioned to take adequate care of the body.  When the client refuses to cooperate with this requirement, sadly the healing diminishes or is a replaced with the prior ill-health.  Note to self:  This is no joke.  Your self-healing is a gift that must be respected.  If your Subconscious or Higher Self explicitly advises you to eat healthy or get adequate exercise, that is what you are to do.  Your Subconscious or Higher Self will give you exact instructions.  You’ve heard the cute saying, “You can’t fool Mother Nature”.  Well, neither can you fool your Subconscious.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

What to expect during a QHHT  Session

We start the session with a 2 hour chat, which begins with what some explanation of the changes we are experiencing on this planet relative to entering the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.   Next I’ll speak to you about what to expect as you are getting into trance and how to respond while in trance so that you have the most beneficial session possible.  Then you share the highlights and important people of your life.  Next we review the list of questions you want me to ask your Higher Self, including the list of self-healings you are seeking.  This list is the one you have prepared in writing before you arrive for your session.  This chat generally takes about 2 hours. 


From that point, you lay down to go into trance as I guide you on a visualization.  Once I see that you are deep enough in trance, you will remain there for about 2 more hours.  I will be recording your session from this point.  With love and care, your Higher Self takes you to the past life that holds important information for you where your questions and/or health problems began. It’s important for you understand the origin of your challenge so that you can learn whatever lesson it has for you and then move on with restored confidence, knowledge and even health when we reach that part of the session wherein we ask for healings.  We will go to one to as many as 3 past lives for about 1 hour.  In these past lives you will gain information that is helpful to you in your current life.  Then we contact your Subconscious or Higher Self.  We use those 2 terms interchangeably.  After your Higher Self speaks directly to you about your session and the message being given to you, we ask for answers to each of your questions.  Next we ask for the various healings you desire.  When your Higher Self explains everything, including why the health issues originated and then heals what is in accordance with your life’s purpose, we are then complete with trance portion of your session.

What is Emotion Code? 

The premise of the Emotion Code is that the energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  These trapped emotions can  create discomfort, malfunction and eventual disease.  This technique was developed by the renowned holistic physician and lecturer, Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship difficulties.

What to expect in an Emotion Code session

We do these sessions remotely over the phone.  Generally the client presents with some sort of health issue.  We connect energetically and I use remote muscle testing to hear the answers the client’s body is sending me.  I seek to learn whether or not there are underlying trapped emotions contributing to their health issue.  If there are, I follow the process of determining which trapped emotions are causing the problem.  After understanding the origin of the trapped emotions, I release them one by one in succession.  While each client is different, I find that I can release about 6 - 10 trapped emotions per session.  Often my sessions go over time, which I do not charge extra for, because I often channel important information from my guides intended to help my clients with their journey.  It doesn’t always happen, but I am happy to assist the client when it does.  We end the session with an energetic disconnection.  During the next 3 days, the client will feel what I refer to as an echo of the former trapped emotions.  These wafting emotions have nothing to do with their current daily experience and need to be allowed to pass without attempting to find something that is currently happening to blame these emotions on.  Just let them pass.  Be kind to yourself in the process.  Acknowledge how you feel and be grateful for their release.   Generally, the client is so positively benefitted by the session that they want to book multiple sessions in order to clear what we call a heart wall which is a collection of numerous trapped emotions that tend to cause a blockage to abundance of all sorts.  We find that when the heart wall is cleared the client experiences magnificent changes in their life; for instance finding true love, career advancement as well as other blessings that seemed to have eluded them for years.  

Good health is not only a destination, it's a journey."

Deborah Picou

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Deborah is a Certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner and Emotion Code Practitioner.  She has studied The Body Code and is adept as an Animal Whisperer as well as a student of Kundalini Meditation and Yoga.  She is currently working on her PhD in Natural Medicine as well as her certification as a Medical Intuitive.  She uses these modalities to guide her clients to heal themselves.

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