Emotion Code

Release your trapped emotions to unleash your true self! 

Be free of the tyranny of your trapped emotions  which leave you disappointed.  Start living your authentic life with the emotions you choose!

 What is Emotion Code?

The premise of the Emotion Code is that the energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  These trapped emotions can create discomfort, malfunction and eventual disease.  This technique was developed by the renowned holistic physician and lecturer, Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship difficulties.

 What to Expect:

We do these sessions remotely over the phone.  Generally the client presents with some sort of health issue.  We connect energetically and I use remote muscle testing to hear the answers the client’s body is sending me.  I seek to learn whether or not there are underlying trapped emotions contributing to their health issue.  If there are, I follow the process of determining which trapped emotions are causing the problem.  After understanding the origin of the trapped emotions, I release them one by one in succession.  Interestingly, some our trapped emotions were actually inherited.  In those cases, you will see a repetitive pattern of an emotional response throughout generations.  While each client is different, I find that I can generally release about 10 trapped emotions per session.  Often my sessions go a bit over time,  because I sometimes channel important information from my guides intended to help my clients with their journey.  It doesn’t always happen, but I am happy to assist the client when it does.

Image by Chris Petrow

We end the session with an energetic disconnection.  During the next 1-2 days, the client will feel what I refer to as an echo of the former trapped emotions.  These wafting emotions have nothing to do with their current daily experience and need to be allowed to pass without attempting to find something that is currently happening to blame these emotions on.  Just let them pass.  Be kind to yourself in the process.  Acknowledge how you feel and be grateful for their release.   Generally, the client is so positively benefitted by the session that they want to book multiple sessions in order to clear what we call a Heart-Wall which is a collection of numerous trapped emotions that tend to cause a blockage to abundance of all sorts.  We find that when the Heart-Wall is cleared, the client experiences magnificent changes in their life; for instance finding true love, career advancement as well as other blessings that seemed to have eluded the client for years.  

 How to Prepare:

Give thought to any physical issues you have that you would want to have improved or eliminated.  Consider if you have a repetitive emotional issue that is problematic for you.  If that is something you would like to explore with the hope of releasing any trapped emotions that might be exaggerating that issue, we can check to see if you have any trapped emotions contributing to the problem.  If we have already determined that you have what we call a Heart-Wall, you needn’t do anything to prepare for the session.  We simply will ask your body to guide us in uncovering and releasing the multiple trapped emotions contributing to this Heart-Wall.  The results are often life changing!