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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

A trance journey to discover the inner you.

Your Higher Self is a boundless resource for us, as with it, you can answer any question since you have direct access to all the information that exists.

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From that point, you lay down to go into trance as I guide you on a lovely visualization.  Once I see that you are deep enough in trance, you will remain there for about 2 more hours.  I will be recording your session from this point.  With love and care, your Higher Self takes you to the past life that holds important information for you where your concerns and/or health problems began. It’s important for you understand the origin of your challenge so that you can learn whatever lesson it has for you and then move on with restored confidence, knowledge and even health when we reach that part of the session wherein we ask for healings.  We will go to one or as many as 3 past lives for about 1 hour.  In these past lives you will gain information that is helpful to you in your current life.  Then we contact your Subconscious or Higher Self.  We use those 2 terms interchangeably.  After your Higher Self speaks directly to you about your session and the message being given to you, we ask for answers to each of your questions.  Next we ask for the various healings you desire.  When your Higher Self explains everything, including why the health issues originated and then heals what is in accordance with your life’s purpose, we are then complete with the trance portion of your session.  It is at this time that I carefully count you out of trance. 

We start the session with a 2 hour chat, which begins with some explanation of the changes we are experiencing on this planet relative to entering the Age of Aquarius as well as the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.   Next I’ll speak to you about what to expect as you are getting into trance and how to respond while in trance so that you have the most beneficial session possible.  Then you share the highlights and important people of your life.  Next we review the list of questions you want me to ask your Higher Self, including the list of self-healings you are seeking.  This list is the one you have prepared typed or in legible writing before you arrive for your session.  

Again we chat.  This time it is about what has happened in the session.  This chat can take 20 - 30 minutes.  When clients wakeup from trance, they tend to be in awe of the experience.  Some people are conscious during the session and feel like they had a front row seat to a wild ride.  Others have no memory of the session and are amazed when they hear the recording of what they said.  Everyone feels well rested and refreshed.  The Higher Self speaks through the client’s voice as well as their vernacular, generally.  People are thrilled to hear the great advice they have received in their own voice during the session.  It is quite empowering. They have the sense that they know to now go within for guidance.  All their answers are there.  Sometimes the smallest of details provide the most pivotal pieces for them, unlocking a world of understanding about their life.

You will receive a recording of the session.  We ask you to listen to all or at least part of your session for at least the 9 following days.  It is best to listen to the recording to some extent for years to come as the voice you hear on your recording is the highest vibration of your voice.  It aids you in reaching your highest vibration, a goal many of us seek.  The 9 days following your session are very powerful.  Your session benefits continue to unfold during that time.  

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There are times that new awarenesses will continue for a year.   Listening to the recording helps with this process.  In session, your Higher Self will tell you how often to listen to your recording.  Generally it is 7-9 days.  Be sure to eat a substantial meal after leaving the session.  This helps you to ground back into the physical world.  We advise that you drive no more than about 30 minutes after the session, though it is preferable that you do not have to drive at all.  Allow yourself to gradually return to your physical existence without demands, rushing or working.  Remember, treat yourself as though this is a blessed spa day!

 How to prepare:

Think about what you would want to accomplish in a session.  Know that once you make the decision to book a QHHT session, your Subconscious or Higher Self starts guiding you as to the questions and healings you should ask for.  write down Legibly on paper 10 - 20 that you would like to have answered.  Please note that 1 question with 5 parts is counted as 5 questions.  LOL!  Since we like to give adequate time to the answering of each question, it is recommended that you don’t cram in too many questions.  I always seek to answer all the questions my clients ask, so if you have many questions, put the most important ones first.  I suggest you draw a red line under the last important question so that I will know which ones are essential to ask.  Keep related questions together as they are often answered at the same time as a related question.  The more organized you questions are, the more we can ask.  Make categories of questions like: personal, professional and family.  Then make a list of whatever healings you are seeking. 


The following is a suggested format to follow as you consider what elements of your life you will talk about during our 2 hour chat.  When you tell me about your life, the goal is to give me the highlights, both good and bad; the impact on you, your successes and failures, family joys and traumas.  Tell me about your family, friends, work, interests, fears, joys, challenges, internal conflicts and health.   You get the idea.  We want to avoid chatting about all superfluous topics like minute details about the house you grew up in or the prevailing political, educational or business climate.  We don’t want to go off on tangents as it detracts from the mission we are setting out to accomplish.  The more I understand you and your life, the better prepared I will be to guide you on your journey to the quantum realm.   


Prior to your session, make a point to tell your conscious mind several times daily that it takes a quiet back seat to your subconscious mind during the QHHT session.  It is only an observer during the QHHT session, not a participant.  Like a mantra, repeat several times per day to yourself that you DO connect to your subconscious mind.  Be sure that you say the word, “DO” not “WILL”.  It makes a big difference since the word “will” relates to an action in the future  rather than the present.  And what we are wanting to accomplish is creating that dynamic in the present.  On the morning of your session, I want you create a peaceful environment for yourself.  On the morning of your session, eat a healthy yet light breakfast.  Be kind to yourself, as though this day you lived in a spa-like environment.  If you meditate, then do so with the intention that your session is brilliant, giving you great insight and healing.  If you don’t meditate then simply create a beautiful peaceful morning in whatever way works for you.  This is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Meet this experience with that level of anticipation.

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