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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

A trance journey to discover the inner you

Our Subconscious or Higher Self is a boundless resource for us, as with it, we can answer any question since we have direct access to all the information that exists.  Brilliant!

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon over a period of some 45 years.  Her technique differs from traditional hypnosis in that with QHHT the clients are brought to the deep Somnambulistic state of trance.   It is in this state, utilizing the theta brain waves that the clients have the ability to visit their past lives, answer their important life changing questions, and rewrite the guiding tenets in their subconscious.  To be clear the Somnambulistic state is a perfectly natural state that we briefly enter generally twice per day.  We do this as we doze off to sleep and just before awakening.  Our Subconscious or Higher Self is a boundless resource for us, as with it, we can answer any question since we have direct access to all the information that exists.  Brilliant!


RegardingQHHT, what is to be understood is that we first seek to know the root cause of the problem.  This understanding potentially leads the client to release the discomfort that had been experienced.  It is imperative to note, that this experience does not in any way take the place of a doctor's advice.  This technique is not to be seen as a diagnosis or cure of anything.  I am not a doctor.  As such I can not diagnose, heal or treat anything.  A QHHT session is for informational purposes only.

It's your journey.  Make it brilliant!

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 What to expect in a QHHT session

We start the session with a 2 hour chat, which begins with some explanation of the changes we are experiencing on this planet relative to entering the Age of Aquarius as well as the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.   Next I’ll speak to you about what to expect as you are getting into trance and how to respond while in trance so that you have the most beneficial session possible.  Then you share the highlights and important people of your life.  Next we review the list of questions you want me to ask your Higher Self, including the list of self-healings you are seeking.  This list is the one you have prepared typed or in legible writing before you arrive for your session.  

From that point, you lay down to go into trance as I guide you on a lovely visualization.  Once I see that you are deep enough in trance, you will remain there for about 2 more hours.  I will be recording your session from this point.  With love and care, your Higher Self takes you to the past life that holds important information for you where your concerns began.

It’s important for you understand the origin of your challenge so that you can learn whatever lesson it has for you and then move on with restored confidence and knowledge.  We will go to one or as many as 3 past lives for about 1 hour.  In these past lives you will gain information that is helpful to you in your current life.  Then we contact your Subconscious or Higher Self.  We use those 2 terms interchangeably.  After your Higher Self speaks directly to you about your session and the message being given to you, we ask for answers to each of your questions.  When you speak as your Subconscious the frequency is at Level 6 consciousness.  There is only one level higher.  Listening to your recording of you speaking as the Subconscious helps to elevate your consciousness.  we are then complete with the trance portion of your session. It is at this time that I carefully count you out of trance. 

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How to prepare:

Think about what you would want to accomplish in a session.  Know that once you make the decision to book a QHHT session, your Subconscious or Higher Self starts guiding you as to the questions you should ask for.  Type the 10 - 20 questions on paper that you would like to have answered.  Please note that 1 question with 5 parts is counted as 5 questions.  LOL!  Since we like to give adequate time to the answering of each question, it is recommended that you don’t cram in too many questions.  I always seek to answer all the questions my clients ask, so if you have many questions, put the most important ones first.  I suggest you draw a red line under the last important question so that I will know which ones are essential to ask.  Keep related questions together as they are often answered at the same time as a related question.  The more organized you questions are, the more we can ask.  Make categories of questions like: personal, professional and family.  

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