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Emotional Quantum Healing

Over the years I have developed my own proprietary technique called Emotional Quantum Healing which dovetails beautifully with Emotion Code as the companion technique.  In this technique I utilize Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, along with emotional awareness.  This combination with Emotion Code has given my clients great benefit in their efforts to understand, improve and empower themselves on an emotional level.  Most clients come to see me, whether they realize it or not, because of the trauma in their childhood which then negatively impacts their adulthood. 







After the client shares the details of his or her life, I search for the current issues that inhibit the client from realizing their dreams, be they romance, friendship, financial success, anxiety and/or depression.  In many cases the client, at a young age, experienced the divorce of his or her parents and resultant financial struggles; Emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse; moving to a new country as a child and leaving behind all that they ever knew.  This often leads to financial difficulties, among other difficulties, in the new country.  These traumas run deep.  They become the default operating system developed primarily between the ages of 0-7 years old. 


The client becomes addicted to the chemical version of the traumatic emotions.  Then they subconsciously seek to recreate that dynamic in all their relationships, personal and professional in order to get a hit of the chemical to which they are addicted.  Subconsciously they are doing the same behavior hoping for a better outcome.  That better outcome rarely happens if the client simply stays the course.  These experiences negatively impact the life of the client well into adulthood.  By doing this work, which includes daily alignment with unique beneficial choices; the client generally sees tremendous improvement in his or her life.  I suggest various tools to assist and support my clients on their journey.  During the session, I often channel messages directed to the client.  

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