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HeartMath Coherence Technique

Breath with purpose: Brilliantly simple while brilliantly powerful!  

Breathe in all you want to be: Calm, in control of your emotions, actions, responses, thoughts, performance - Your Life!

The HeartMath technique is a brilliant practice that positively impacts the richness of your daily life in profound ways through the use of Coherence Techniques.  While HeartMath is  brilliantly simple, it is equally brilliantly powerful.  Actually, HeartMath is a series of short and powerful Coherence techniques utilizing breath and emotions.  These are taught one at a time, at a pace of one per week.  This gives you the opportunity to comfortably integrate each technique into your daily routine with ease, peace and confidence.

The HeartMath Coherence techniques quickly bring you to a place of peace, compassion, understanding, clarity and community.  In using the HeartMath Coherence techniques throughout your day in segments of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, you will notice that your inner resilience escalates, as does your capacity to handle stress from a place of peace and competence.


Beyond that people find that their mental and physical performance improves.  We have seen great benefit with athletes enjoying better agility, students receiving better grades, executives able to better handle the daily stress.  In general, people report that they are experiencing better relationships as a direct result of utilizing the HeartMath breathing techniques.  Parents are better able to interact with their children.  Spouses tend to become more pleasant to be with.

This and more is due to reaching a heightened level of peace, cognitive, physical and emotional abilities that are achieved as a result of the daily practice of these simple yet powerful Coherence techniques.   


If you find that your mind tends to be scattered or that you are generally stressed out, or you are looking to increase your physical or cognitive levels; give me a call and I will teach you these powerful techniques.  Most people choose to learn about 3 techniques.  Others later to choose to learn every technique plus the final technique which helps greatly when one needs to plan an event or life change strategy.   I teach the HeartMath techniques remotely or over the phone.  This is a beautifully self-empowering technique, that when applied, yields great benefit creating inner peace. even in the face of stress.  It raises your resilience to stress.     

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I consider HeartMath to be one of the essential components of one’s personal daily practice to create a life of peace, satisfaction, purpose and good health.  To be clear, the other essential personal daily practice components, in my view are: (Kundalini) Yoga, (Kundalini & Dispenza) Meditation, time in nature, healthy diet, pure water, exercise and an attitude of gratitude.  That said, clearly I am a proponent of doing your inner emotional work.  All together, this makes for a brilliant journey!  Let me know if I can help guide you on your path.

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