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Body Code

As your energy goes, so goes your health.

Release your imbalances and regain your life!

Body Code

I do energy work called The Body Code as well as The Emotion Code, where we identify and correct different energetic/vibrational imbalances that can cause diverse physical and emotional discomfort.  At times, we find that there is an energetic disconnection which needs to be restored.  Or perhaps a cording which dysfunctionally connects two people.  I release those cords.  There are also “statements” which some people wear energetically which act as a fog horn to keep other people away for some reason.  There are numerous and sundry aspects I test for.  When I locate the root cause of an issue, I release or at times reconnect it, as appropriate.  Sometimes, I will use just The Emotion Code, as is the case when I am releasing what we call a Heart-Wall.  A Heart-Wall is an energetic collection of trapped emotions designed to protect your heart from ever being hurt again.  Problem is, the price tag for this is abundance blocking.  But whenever I use The Body Code, The Emotion Code is a part of it.   For optimal results, I generally I work on the client using both modalities during the same session.  

These techniques affect the health of the energy body.  We release trapped emotional energies which vibrate at an unhealthy rate, thereby disturbing our natural vibration opening us up to discomfort and “dis-ease”.  It is often mind blowing to see the wild vibrations that have been disturbing us for years.  Releasing them is simply brilliant!  The sense of release, freedom, hope and potential is so uplifting!  It often feels like coming home to yourself!  The welcome mat is rolled out and ready to receive you!  It feels good on a level that is rarely matched!  You meet you!  The true you!  Very powerful!

Freedom woman in free happiness bliss on

My goal with this work is to reestablish imbalances in order to provide the best conditions for the body to feel peaceful, as it is designed to do.  This peace indicates we’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head!  One of the beautiful things with The Body Code & The Emotion Code is that the client tends to know right away if the process is working for them so time and money is not wasted, ad nauseam, on an inappropriate and disappointing technique.  Bring your openness; your willingness to hike through territories unknown without judgement, unfettered by the baggage of the past.  Tune into the subtleties of the energy that is you.  Take the time to slow down enough to feel what it is to be a human being rather than a human doing.  Great truth and wisdom are carefully nestled deep within the recesses of these distractions we call “disease” or “discomfort”.   Releasing these distractions or “wake up calls” not only help us to feel better, they connect us to the essence of ourselves, if you allow it.  I suggest you allow it. 

How to Prepare


Give thought to any physical issues you have that you would want to have improved or eliminated.  Consider if you have a repetitive emotional issue that is problematic for you. 

If that is something you would like to explore with the hope of releasing any trapped emotions, energies, Cordings, disconnections, etc. that might be exaggerating that issue, we can check to see if you have any of these contributing to the problem.  If we have already determined that you have what we call a Heart-Wall, you needn’t do anything to prepare for the session.  We simply will ask your body to guide us in uncovering and releasing the multiple trapped emotions contributing to this Heart-Wall.  The results are often life changing!

What to Expect

We do these sessions remotely over the phone.  Generally the client presents with some sort of health issue.  We connect energetically and I use remote muscle testing to hear the answers the client’s body is sending me.  I seek to learn whether or not there are underlying energies, pathogens, disconnections, misalignments, energy, circuit or system issues contributing to their health issue.  If there are, I follow the process of determining which trapped emotions &/or energies, etc.  are causing the problem.  After understanding the origin of the issue, I release them one by one in succession.  While each client is different, I find that I can release about 10 per session.  Sometimes the client feels an immediate improvement, in other cases, it can take a while.  Everyone is individual in their experience.


We end the session with an energetic disconnection.  During the next 1-2 days, the client will feel what I refer to as an echo of the former trapped emotions.  These wafting emotions have nothing to do with their current daily experience and need to be allowed to pass without attempting to find something that is currently happening to blame these emotions on.  Just let them pass.  Be kind to yourself in the process.  Acknowledge how you feel and be grateful for their release.   Generally, the client is so positively benefitted by the session that they want to book multiple sessions in order to clear what we call a Heart-Wall which is a collection of numerous trapped emotions that tend to cause a blockage to abundance of all sorts.  We find that when the Heart-Wall is cleared, the client experiences magnificent changes in their life; for instance finding true love, career advancement as well as other blessings that seemed to have eluded the client for years.  

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