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Meet Deborah

Certified Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner,  Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Creator of Emotional Quantum Healing 


Deborah has been on her spiritual path for the entirety of her life, searching for truth in all areas.  Her passion for good health, both emotional & physical, has driven her to gain a deep understanding of what it takes to regain and then maintain excellent emotional & physical health. 
Deborah has prevailed over her own serious health challenges.  She received a frightening diagnosis in 2016 which made her future look not only short but bleak.  Happily, as a result of the guidance she received from a gifted doctor; along with Deborah’s research, disciplined diligence and grasp of quantum healing; in under 3 years, she beat not only cancer but autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with episodes of Graves’ disease and life-threatening allergies utilizing only diet and lifestyle changes, natural supplements along with quantum healing methods.  Her health is now seriously amazing! 


For Deborah, good health is not only a destination, it’s a journey!  A glorious journey to self-realization.  The obstacles in your path can light your way if only you will be receptive to their teaching.  Then your health crisis can become the wound that heals your entire body, mind and soul.

Deborah currently uses these modalities to guide her clients to bring peace to their mind & body, discover their life’s purpose, answer their important questions, make significant life changes, clear trapped emotions; thereby finding peace and fulfillment within themselves.  This is Deborah's dharma, her "sacred path of duty". 
Deborah’s mission is to help by elevating consciousness through a lifestyle of awareness, peace, love and compassion.  By doing so, we discover our power and purpose.  We tune into our truth where we find an endless well of discipline, clarity and grace.  And through all this, we discover and reclaim our good health, both emotionally and physically!

Many clients experience a renewed vigor and hope for their life as a result of their sessions with Deborah.  This is because Deborah uncovers the reality of their root issues, clears them and gives each client the necessary tools to forge a new possibility in their lives. This supports healing on all levels--mind, body & spirt! 

                                            Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


                                                                      Emotion Code


                                                       Emotional Quantum Healing 

Let's schedule a time to discuss how I can assist you.  By understanding your unique situation, I can recommend the most beneficial approach.  Click the link above.

Book a session today and begin your journey toward emotional freedom and joy stepping into your authentic self! 

With this work you have the  power within to create your best life!

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