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What is Emotional Quantum Healing?   


Emotional Quantum Healing is a technique which Deborah developed after years of working with clients seeing what was truly of benefit in their emotional growth.  This coupled with intense study, channeling and application gave rise naturally to her powerful technique.  Emotional Quantum Healing utilizes Neuroscience in concert with Quantum Physics to exact a specific & unique emotional change for each of her clients.  This powerful combination has given her clients great success in their efforts to understand, transmute and empower themselves on an emotional level.  We go to the root of the issue which is an addiction to the unresolved negative repetitive emotions of childhood.  Deborah teaches her clients how to free themselves from the loop of this emotional addiction. 




The technique is simple, easy, uplifting and wildly transformative.  And it’s scientifically based.  Clients report that after their first Emotional Quantum Healing session they will never look at their childhood or adulthood the same.  They are now empowered with the knowledge and understanding of why life happened the way that it did.  Furthermore, they can now embrace the challenges in their lives as loving teachers who have come to guide them in attaining their intended life's purpose.  Each client discovers their unique life purpose in this first session.  They learn that their purpose is not about doing, it's about being.  It is out of their being that their doing authentically flows.  They discover what it feels like to live authentically in their flow.  They discover what their tether to their authentic self is.  They realize who and/or what provided a positive anchor in their life despite their struggles. Unique and uplifting Soul-work is given to deepen this work in their daily lives.   


Emotional Quantum Healing

Free yourself of your emotional addictions

Discover your authentic self!

When you’re living your authentic life, there’s nothing that can stop you!

Deborah Picou

May the field be with you!

Deborah Picou

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