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Akashic Record Consultation

How to prepare for your Akashic Reading Session:

Give careful thought to what questions you’d like to ask.  Please type them up and email them to me at least 24 hours before your session.   During your session, please be in a space that is quiet and private so that you can listen carefully.  

What to Expect:

We will do this reading telephonically.  The day before your session, you will email your prepared questions to me.  I will review them at that time to be sure that the questions are worded in a way that we are most apt to get a useable answers.  I will make the necessary energetic connection just prior to our session.  I will ask each of your prepared questions during the hour long session.   I will receive the answers from the Masters, Teachers and loved ones then and share them with you.  I will record the session and email the transmission to you.  


Self Discovery is not only a destination, it is a journey.

Let’s journey into your Akashic Record to gain insight on your deepest queries, the answers to which can change your life. 

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