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Chakra Balancing

Balanced Chakras - Balanced Start

We want the chakras to not only be balanced as individual energy centers, we want the whole chakra system to be balanced as an inclusive united functioning system.

 Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing:

 With Balanced chakras and a Cleansed aura, you are more likely to:

Feel grounded and in touch with your own body

Feel in touch with your own sexuality

Feel a sense of inner balance and fortitude

Be compassionate and loving

Be able to express your own truth

Get in touch with your intuition  

Enjoy a sense of connection with the divine  

Achieve and project a sense of well-being and confidence

Chakra means “Wheel”.  Chakras are energy centers.  We have 7 chakras in our bodies:  the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the Navel Chakra, the Heart chakra, Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.  Plus we have one external Chakra above our head, often called the Soul Star Chakra, as well as another external Chakra below our feet often called the Earth Star Chakra.  


In your Chakra Balancing session, I will assess the flow of energy within your chakras and restore proper energy flow.  This means if the chakra is under-active, blocked or closed, I will open it.  If the chakra is over-active, I will bring it to the correct state. 


When your chakras are balanced, the tendency is to feel balanced because the chakras are now better able to do their job and work with each other.  We want the chakras to not only be balanced as individual energy centers, we want the whole chakra system to be balance as an inclusive united functioning system.  One builds upon the other.  It all starts with the First Chakra and then builds upward.  There are so many more details to this process but they are beyond the scope of this explanation.  


During your session, I will also cleanse your aura.  This work involves transmitting the appropriate vibrational energy, utilizing age old tools & techniques for balancing as well as herbs and appropriate supporting music.  


Each chakra has its own particular purpose.  The Soul Star Chakra is outside of the body, just  above the head.  It is the chakra you use during an attunement as a part of connecting yourself to the cosmos.  Similarly, you have another chakra outside of your body which is below your feet.  This chakra is sometimes called the Earth Star Chakra.  It is also used during an attunement, but rather than connecting you with the Cosmos, it connects you to the center or Mother Earth or Gaia.  


Just above the Earth Star Chakra is the First or Root Chakra.  It is located at the end of the spine between the anus and sex organs.  It represents security and survival. Its qualities are:  grounded, centered, secure, loyal, stable, heathy elimination.  Its shadow side qualities are:  fear, insecurity, life feels like a burden, feeling of not really belonging on earth or in one’s culture or family. On the physical side, there tend to be problems with a weak constitution, reduced physical and mental resistance, sexual perversions.  


The Second or Sacral Chakra is located at the sex organs.  It represents creativity.  Its qualities are:  a positive and relaxed attitude relative to sexuality.  Its shadow side qualities are:  rigid emotions, frigidity, guilt, no boundaries, irresponsible relationships. On the physical side, there tend to be problems  with reproductive organs or kidneys.


The Third or Navel Chakra is located in the area of Navel Point.  It represents action and balance.  Its qualities are:  self-esteem, identity and judgement as well as being the center of personal power & commitment.  The Navel Chakra is where the strength for inner balance, inspiration and good health is developed.  The shadow qualities are:  anger, greed, shame and despair. The tendency for obstacles to present themselves everywhere.  It seems that there is not quite enough strength and spontaneity.  The shadow side tends to initiate conformity (rather than individuality) for the purpose of being recognized.  There is a tendency to refute one’s own wishes and emotions.  On the physical side, there tend to be problems with digestion, the liver, the gallbladder and the pancreas.  


The Fourth or Heart Chakra is located in the middle of the chest on the breast bone at the level of the nipples.  It represents love, compassion and awakening from “me” to “we”.   The qualities are: compassion, kindness, forgiveness, service and love as well as recognizing these qualities in others, sacred transformation and awakening to spiritual awareness.   The shadow qualities are:  grief and attachment.  The shadow tendency is to be closed to surroundings, easily hurt, heartlessness, dependent on the love and affection from others, fear of rejection and having the need to be the helper.   On the physical side, there tend to be problems with the heart, lungs and blood pressure.


The Fifth or Throat Chakra is located  in the throat.  It represents the projective power of the word, hearing and speaking the truth.   The Throat Chakra is where our tendency to be the teacher comes from.  The qualities are:  center of truth, language, knowledge, ability to communicate effectively, authenticity, healthy self-expression and interactions.  The shadow qualities are:  lethargy, shyness, voice problems, insecurity, weakness in expressive and descriptive abilities, as well as fear of other people’s opinion and judgments.  On the physical side, there tend to be problems with the throat, neck and thyroid.


The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra is located  between the eyebrows.  It represents intuition, identity and wisdom. The Third Eye Chakra is the union of opposites.  The qualities are:  intuition, clairvoyance, visualizing, fantasizing, concentration, determination, self-initiation, power of projection and understanding your purpose.  The shadow qualities are:  confusion, depression, over-intellectualizing and rejection of spirituality.  On the physical side, there are no related health problems with the Third Eye Chakra. 


The Seventh or Crown Chakra is located a the top or crown of the head, where the soft spot on a newborn baby’s head would be.  It represents humility, vastness, transcendence and the Tenth Gate.  The Crown Chakra is the location of the Tenth Gate, a portal of energy.  It is the passage through the crown which relates to the Kundalini awakening.  When the body/mind field become charged and electromagnetically balanced there is a pressure that causes the prana to be drawn down and the apana to be drawn up and mixed in the Kandal.   The qualities are:  enlightenment, unity, elevation, relationship to the unknown, the seat of the soul,  seat of the Highest Self.  The shadow qualities are:  grief, fear of death, feeling separated from existence and abundance.  On the physical side, there are no related health problems with the Crown Chakra.


The aura is the subtle manifestation of everything that you are.  It is your electromagnetic field.  Your aura combines the effects of all the chakras and constitutes their total projection.  When you are with other people, you can pick up some of their energy, be it good or bad.  Your aura acts as a magnet.  It picks up your emotions as well as the emotions of others.  This is why you can tend to feel better or worse after being with certain people.  Truly, it is wise to choose your company carefully.   If you notice that you become ill or feel agitated a bit too often or have a tendency wherein you struggle to sleep well, this might be an indication that you need to clean your aura. The qualities of the  aura are:  to project and protect.  The shadow qualities of the aura are: shy, withdrawn and vulnerable.   On the physical side, there are no related health problems with the aura.


I can do this Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleaning in person or remotely by establishing a strong mental intention as well as an energetic connection with you.  The session takes approximately 15 minutes. 

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