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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

Your mind is waiting for you to be ready to leave behind your undesired emotions, behaviors & even foods 

NLP utilizes uniquely effective techniques to naturally and quickly change your undesired emotional and behavioral tendencies to ones that better support a more pleasant and healthy lifestyle. 

You may have thought, "I'm just an angry person.  I've been angry all my life.  I'll never change."  Or maybe you are dealing with a lifetime of fear or sadness.  Whatever Your emotional common theme is, it's not written in stone.  You can release it using a simple and quick NLP technique.  And I can help you with that.  Utilizing NLP techniques, you can make numerous other beneficial changes in your personality.  You can positively change an undesired behavior to a desired one.   You can change an undesired belief for a desired one.  And more.   It's time to take control of your life!

NLP offers several unique techniques which seek create beneficial emotional & behavioral changes utilizing your neurologic and linguistic avenues.  Basically, as entrenched as you might believe your behaviors, likes, dislikes, habits and emotions are; they can be easily and quickly changed to support your effort to have a better, happier, more fulfilled life wherein you are pleased with who you are able to “become”.  NLP is a very freeing experience.  But don’t be fooled, you must truly want to make the behavioral change in order for it to “stick”.   No half-hearted attempts, on your part, are worth the effort.  You need to be fully on board with having your desired outcome.  The results can be nothing short brilliant!

To go a bit deeper:  traditional psychology is the study of “What’s wrong and why?”  The technologies of Subconscious Reprogramming deals with “What’s right?”  And “How can we reproduce it?”  This second version calls on our excellence and utilizes unique rapid evolution of ourselves.


NLP is deeply and powerfully transformative.  Don’t be surprised if the results bring you to tears or jubilant smiles in recognition of feeling yourself free to be the person that before you could have only dreamed you were.  Imagine leaving your anger, sadness, fear, resentment or whatever  behind; thereby freeing yourself of these life-sucking weights that held you back from  being the person you longed to be.

There are several different NLP techniques that I use to help my clients.  I will choose the one that I believe is best for your particular situation.  In fact, you might have a few different issues you want to work on and each might require a different approach.  We will address one issue per session.  Each session is very specific to one issue.


What to Expect:


NLP sessions are interactive sessions wherein I guide to access the emotion, belief or experience.  Then with a time tested technique, I release the undesired emotion, belief or behavior.  When appropriate, there will be a replacement emotion, belief or behavior to take the place of what was released.   You don’t need to prepare for the session.


If NLP sounds interesting to you, give me a call.  We’ll chat for a bit to see if NLP would be a good fit for you.  If it seems to be, we can book an appointment for you.  NLP sessions are done in person.

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