Healing Energy Transmission

Your body is made of energy so you can it heal with energy!

Quantum Physics has overshadowed Newtonian Physics.  With it, the paradigm has shifted to recognize healing on an energetic level which supersedes the physical Approach.

Are you looking for a healing that is beyond what mainstream Medicine offers?

There are times in our lives when we feel that we need a healing that has eluded us despite our best effort.  It is at this time people sometimes call me to remotely send natural healing energies to them.  Since our bodies are mostly energy, receiving this energy is familiar.  This ability made itself known to me when I was 16 years old.  That was a long time ago.  Since that time, I have used my abilities sparingly as they were quite transformational and it took me decades to understand exactly what I was able to do.  

Now my abilities have been greatly amplified and I fully understand how to use these natural energies which emanate from my right hand.  I limit this energy work to cases that are truly genuine.  I will do this work only remotely.  I do not meet in person as this work takes intense focus that can be achieved only if I have peace and quiet with no distractions of any sort.  Beyond that, with Healing Energy Transmission, distance is not an issue.

 How to Prepare for your session:

There really isn’t anything you need to do to prepare for your Healing Energy Transmission session.  It is not necessary that you even tell me what your health issue is.  The only reason you might choose to tell me the general issue is so that you can later advise me as to the progress you make.  But even that could be shared in generalities to preserve your privacy.  

 What to expect during your Healing Energy Transmission session: 

I will complete the session on the day agreed upon.  This session will be done remotely.  I will complete this Healing Energy Transmission session totally on my own.  I need to have complete quiet so that I can utilize laser focus in order to direct this powerful & natural healing energy to you.  Upon completion, I will send you a text to advise you.  Please note that time of the text in order to have a clear idea of when the Healing Energy Transmission was sent in its entirety.  In this way, you will know that if your symptoms improved, there just might be a connection.  

You are most welcome to text me the next day or so to update me as to any improvement you may have experienced.


This content and Healing Energy Transmission are not intended to provide medical or other professional health care advice, nor are they intended to be used to diagnose or assess health conditions or to be substituted for professional guidance in, nor as, treatment.  Always seek the counsel of your physician or other qualified health practitioner with any concerns you may have regarding symptoms, a medical condition, or the use of any products.

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