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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Calm Sea

Some people ask for a QHHT session because they have a deep sense that there is more to life than what we have become accustomed to.  They sense that the grind they call life is a mere shell of their reality.  These people come to gain insight and knowledge as to who they truly are on a spiritual level as well as a physical level.  Often they want to experience past lives in order to learn from their previous lives with the goal of having a breakthrough in their current life; leading them to a more fulfilling, happy, healthy and prosperous life now.  Sometimes these people have an undercurrent of awareness or even baggage they can’t explain away with today’s accepted vernacular.  In these cases, the journey into a previous life of theirs gives them the insight needed to understand their current circumstances  and even improve them.

So the point to you is that people see me to solve problems, get answers, heal and find peace.  This journey can take as unique a path as the clients themselves.  It’s always just what the client needs at that time, even when it might not appear as such in the moment.  Sometimes, brilliant realizations come to the client within the highly charged 3 days that follow their session.  Generally, the client experiences everything that I have expressed here.  The client senses that there is more to life, they have important personal and global questions that they want answered, and they want multiple healings

Some other people are attracted to QHHT because they’ve heard of the astonishing self  healings or disappearance of discomfort other people have had in a QHHT session.  During every QHHT session we bring the Subconscious, otherwise known as the Higher Self, to the fore with the goal of requesting physical healings.  What we refer to as our Subconscious or Higher Self is what we know as our intuition or gut instinct.  We have seen so many healings as varied as the people themselves.  Some people participate in their own healings such as:  the spontaneous disappearance of cancer and it’s tumors, the improvement of eyesight, the correction of spinal abnormalities, the improvement of paralyzation, the correction of a botched surgery, the restoration or even replacement of a failing organ and freedom from addictions or depression.  To be clear, the practitioner does not diagnose or heal anyone.  The client does!  There are no limits except those that the clients might place on themselves.  For instance; if the client came into this life with a karmic debt that required a particular ailment, that will not improve because the improvement would be counter to the client’s agreement for this particular life’s purpose.  Sometimes this is seen when a blind person, for example, learns in session that he/she chose this difficulty as a result of what he/she did in a previous life.  Another block to the client’s ability to self-heal is doubting that it could be possible.  Other than that, anything is possible.  We’ve seen healings happen time and again.  


Some clients seek out a QHHT session to discover the answers to many of life’s questions.  Some people want to know the answers to their personal lives, some want to know about global solutions, yet others want to know the reality about other civilizations in this universe or others.  There are no bad questions.  That said, from time to time, we find that there are answers to some questions that your Subconscious or Higher Self does not want you to know during the session because that knowledge would impede your progress.  Sometimes the self discovery is essential at a particular time.  

How to prepare for a QHHT Session

Think about what you would want to accomplish in a session.  Know that once you make the decision to book a QHHT session, your Subconscious or Higher Self starts guiding you as to the questions and healings you should ask for.  write down Legibly on paper 10 - 20 that you would like to have answered.  Please note that 1 question with 5 parts is counted as 5 questions.  LOL!  Since we like to give adequate time to the answering of each question, it is recommended that you don’t cram in too many questions.  I always seek to answer all the questions my clients ask, so if you have many questions, put the most important ones first.  Make categories of questions like: personal,  professional and family.  Then make a list of whatever healings you are seeking. 


Prior to your session, make a point to tell your conscious mind several times daily that it takes a quiet back seat to your subconscious mind during the QHHT session.  It is only an observer during the QHHT session, not a participant.  Like a mantra, repeat several times per day to yourself that you DO connect to your subconscious mind.  Be sure that you say the word, “DO” not “WILL”.  It makes a big difference since the word “will” relates to an action in the future  rather than the present.  And what we are wanting to accomplish is creating that dynamic in the present.  On the morning of your session, I want you create a peaceful environment for yourself.  On the morning of your session, eat a healthy yet light breakfast.  Be kind to yourself, as though this day you lived in a spa-like environment.  If you meditate, then do so with the intention that your session is brilliant, giving you great insight and healing.  If you don’t meditate then simply create a beautiful peaceful morning in whatever way works for you.  This is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Meet this experience with that level of anticipation.

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