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When the Wound Becomes the Healer

So many people get angry, scared or depressed about the challenges, especially the recurring ones in their life.  This renders them helpless in opposition to the challenge.  The challenge seems like a battle that is sucking the joy out of their life.  Confusion sets in followed by resignation to their miserable fate.  It doesn’t have to. There’s another way.    

For those of us who are willing to step outside of our conventional thinking, which is to resist &/or detest the problems in our lives, we can then consider these problems (be it a health, wealth or emotional issue) as loving teachers who’ve come to help us.

These problems are not happening “to” you, they are happening “for” you.  You can see that these so-called problems have the potential to become the portal to access your gifts, your talents, your inspiration and your destiny.  Your task is to discover the lesson.   Embrace it.  And learn.  Then move on in wholeness to your next growth opportunity.

Good health (emotional and physical) is not only a destination, it’s a journey.  And quite frankly, these  bumps in the road, especially the repetitive ones, are an important part of that journey.

You see, these bumps tell you to change course.  They tell you that your belief,  your attitude, your thoughts, your choices, or your behavior needs to shift in a positive way.  Generally you will find that the repetitive bumps find their roots in whatever unresolved dysfunctional emotions you experienced in childhood.   That is what needs to be addressed, cleared and healed.

As you embark on this journey, you learn that you are in fact the mirror, not the reflection.  The illness, challenge or problem is the reflection.  But it is by seeing the reflection, you understand that the mirror must exist.  Realizing that opens your eyes to the issue your body and mind are wisely coaching you to deal with.  This leads you to understand that you exist in wholeness.  Every fiber of your being knows what wholeness is for you and uses the illness, challenge or problem to cause you to focus on it as well as the desired wholeness.  The reflection is temporary unless you adopt it, making it permanent.    

What I am suggesting is to embrace the beauty and power of the Aquarian Age we are now living in, reach out into the unknown, grasp the knowledge and possibility which has thus far eluded you.  Take hold of what once seemed illusion but is now a life line of truth and hope calling out to you in this sea of meaningless materialism.  Believe that in the quantum field you can imagine the reality you want, be that good health, financial stability, loving relationships, self expression or whatever.  See it, feel it and “collapse” it into being.  There is a process to doing that.

We live in an age that recognizes quantum physics.  Quantum physics indicates that we all are connected.  The possibilities are endless.  You are the creator of your destiny.  That means if you can imagine a possibility, you just made it possible for that very possibility to be possible for you.  It’s like when an astronomer looks through the telescope wondering if there are any more previously undiscovered stars out there, just to see more stars appear.

What is required is that you believe in the possibility being a reality for you right now.  Then feel the way you would feel if that was your reality right now.  So you send out the thought with your mind and draw the reality to you with your emotions.  You have to be consistent.  Don’t put limits on it.  Don’t add an imposed time frame.  Don’t doubt it.  You need to feel these emotions ahead of the event of realizing your goal.

You are not only empowered to create the life you want, you will likely feel the desire and need to recognize all mankind as one.  Choosing this kind of peace not only reorders your life, it reorders all the underlying motivations.  You tend to choose to be the peace you seek.  You tend to give the love you desire.  You tend to speak the words you long to hear.  You tend to live at a pace that affords this lifestyle.  It’s all a part of living fully awake and connected in the Aquarian Age.

When you do this, you will find that you have developed a new and beneficial relationship with the problems in your life.   You will see these challenges as loving teachers who’ve come to help you.   You will learn to use all your experiences for your benefit.  You will become empowered and confident.  From there you will find a peace and safety in the experiences of your life knowing that you can handle everything that comes your way.  You’ll even see that you are, indeed, the creator of your reality.   

So be wise and in your flow by allowing the wound to becomes your healer.

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