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Seeds Grow in the Quantum Field, Make your Life Bloom Radiantly!

Open yourself to the abundant possibilities for each and every aspect of your life. Life can be way more than the "been there, done that" knee jerk reaction. You have the ability to create and recreate your life into one that you actually enjoy. One that you want to wake up to. Once you get the hang of it, it's really quite easy, exciting and fun!

Here we are in the Age of Aquarius. It's so much more than a great song! It's an era. An era of possibilities that we saw before only in the movies. Until now! This leaves positive thinking in the bone yard.

We're talking, creating your reality within your own mind to the point that you transform your life to vibrationally match your thoughts. We can utilize the quantum field to make desired changes in our life. The changes I am talking about are limitless: health, finances, opportunities and relationships. And it's not a secret! Pun intended.

Access these great possibilities when you access the #quantumfield. Discover how to create your dream life from a place of harnessing energy rather than the grind. Leave the wheel to the hamsters. And if the rats want to race, let them do with without you. Instead, find inner bliss. Find contentment. Once you realize that just as we have been is awe as to how the ancient cultures managed to build their amazing pyramids beyond even our current modern capabilities, we can now be in awe of the powerful yet natural mental energies which allow us to alter our lives in positive ways. Times are changing, we'd be wise to use the abilities that are our birthright!

It's important to know that while we look like a solid mass, we are more like 99% energy. Given that, we can alter ourselves so much easier than if we were actually the solid mass we used to think we were. We can access this quantum field through mediation, focused thought and a particular type of hypnosis called #QuantumHealingHypnosisTechnique or #QHHT.

Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about the quantum field in his book, #BecomingSupernatural. In his book Dr. Dispenza explains in detail how to access the quantum field and what you can accomplish there, utilizing its electromagnetic potentials. The short version is that you relax, get focused, have clear intention along with elevated corresponding emotion. It can take time. In this way you attract the vibrational match of your desires into being. This is not meant to be a "one off" kind of experience. It's a lifestyle. It's an attitude. You must have the courage of your convictions. You need discipline. You must be consistent. The possibilities are fabulously unlimited.

In a very different technique, you can have a QHHT session wherein the practitioner brings you to the quantum field while you are in the theta state during hypnosis. There you can visit past lives to gain information that helps you to better understand your current life. You then meet with your Higher Self or as some call it your #Subconscious. While there, your practitioner will ask your Higher Self to answer your prepared questions as well as to ask to heal whatever ails you. To be clear, your Higher Self speaks through you, so it is your voice in its highest vibration that you will hear on your recording. It is your Higher Self, not the practitioner, that does the #healing. Many people have had brilliant experiences with this technique. Generally, people have only one QHHT session in a lifetime, though some people chose to have a few sessions. This is not a lifestyle experience as with Dr. Dispenza's technique. But it can be life changing!

Both techniques are useful and brilliant. Some people are more oriented to one than the other. Some people, like me, utilize both! I find these tools to be of immense help in my life as I prefer to live a life that is very conscious wherein I create the life I want rather than simply trudge my way through the challenges of my life, one crisis after the other. In this way, I not only prevail but I find the lesson in everything that happens in my life. Doing so has enabled me to embrace even the struggle as a beloved teacher come to help me to improve, become stronger and more of my essential self.

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